Next goal: Amazing Pet Photos

I’m a La Crosse photographer who’s been intrigued by pet photography for a while.  We think about our dogs as our first children, as they were our first loves.  According to the search function on my iPhone, I have 798 dog photos, but most of them are just snapshots in the moment.

My quest to learn lighting to capture amazing moments of your kids extends to getting the same sense of emotion in our dogs.  I’ve been inspired by Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography and her incredible pet photos.  Since I’ve done a lot of portrait photography this summer, I think my winter goal is going to be building my pet photo portfolio.

In this case, I was able to wrangle Harvey for a photoshoot.  Heathrow was far too street smart, however, as I was trying to get them both together.

One way to make pets appear bigger is to use a wide angle lens and shoot low.  I also used the trick of putting Harvey on a stone column on our patio to keep him in the same spot.  At this same time, Alisha held our flash at a 45 degree angle for that extra pop of light.