Charmant Hotel Photoshoot

For this shoot, we wanted to create a sense of classic elegance. Ashley is launching a new business focused on editorial work for students applying to their next level of education. It's a really phenomenal idea and certainly something I wish I had access to when I was applying to schools.

The key is that we wanted to create a variety of different looks in a professional setting. Fortunately, we were able to get access to the bar and restaurant areas at the Charmant Hotel. We made sure to go later in the afternoon to avoid the busy lunch time so that we wouldn't be too burdensome. Alisha and I brought one small flash for lighting and then let the grandeur of the building shine through. We've shot at the Charmant before and they've been unbelievably generous in letting us take some photos. The benefit of using small flashes rather than larger studio lights is that we can keep the footprint as small as possible yet deliver professional results that would be impossible with natural light alone.

One additional concept about creating various looks is a brilliant idea from Alisha. She advised Ashley to bring a couple of different light jackets for her and our two models. By mixing this up from scene to scene, it gives the appearance of shooting over different days in multiple venues.

Plus, we were in the perfect spot to have appetizers and a wonderful cocktail right after finishing!


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