About - J.L. Wiswell Photography

As a senior in college, I studied abroad in London and it changed my life in a way I would have never considered. With no artistic ability up to that point, I stumbled upon photography as a new hobby, which cultivated a passion for creating captivating images.  Over the 15 years since then, I've visited 13 countries and developed a love for travel photography and a keen eye for light and architectural beauty.

While training in Emergency Medicine at Mayo Clinic, I was awestruck with how one of my surgical attendings was able to capture his family with the same sense of elegance through light and shadow that I could do with a sunrise in Italy. This cultivated my interest in learning to create epic portraiture closer to home and sent me on a quest to make amazing photos that are much more than snapshots of our young children.

Starting J.L. Wiswell Photography grew out of this passion. As a physician, I have limited time, so my objective is to make each session totally iconic.

Some photographers promise a certain amount of pictures. My ultimate goal is to give you a handful of amazing images that will light up Facebook and Instagram while also making you do a double-take each time you walk by them on your wall.

I want to give you an investment that will grow in your heart over time.